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Palette park

The Red Square in Superkilen in Copenhagen.

Acne Studios Denim Trench Coat.

Acne Denim Trench.








Welcome to Superkilen, a Copenhagen park defined by color: The Red Square for the modern urbanite keen on cafes, music and sports; the Black Market, classical with a fountain and benches; the Green Park, site of picnics, dog walks and pick-up games. In spite of its monochromatic monikers, Superkilen is a riotous palette: channeling the diversity of the surrounding neighborhood (home to more than 50 different nationalities), the park’s designers – BIG Architects and artists’ group Superflex – eschewed standard-issue fixtures for neighbors’ nominations of components from their native countries: benches from Brazil, trash bins from England, manhole covers from Zanzibar, a donut sign from Tennessee. The result: a tapestry of international tropes that resonate with the people who use the park. An interloper like me, on an imaginary walk in this trench by Acne Studios (the vanguard Swedish brand with multiple stores in Copenhagen), could encounter 108 different objects in Superkilen, 108 different moments of cultural reminiscing.

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