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Mists of time

Another moment of aesthetic solace from Versailles, this time in the form of a misty halo. “Fog Assembly” fills the Star Grove with a nebulous yet grounded cloud, an elemental installation designed to “amplify the feelings of impermanence and transformation.” Shrouded so, the formal landscape becomes subsumed… Read More

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More Irwin

An excursus on Irwin: If traipsing out to West Texas isn’t in the cards this summer, consider day tripping to upstate New York, where Robert Irwin created a “site-conditioned” (his term) installation for Dia:Beacon. Conceptually, the evolution of Excursus: Homage to the Square³ began nearly two… Read More

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Sneak peak

Save the date: On July 23 in (my favorite) Marfa, TX, the matchless Chinati Foundation will open Robert Irwin’s magnum opus with a weekend-long celebration replete with a dawn to dusk viewing and community BBQ. The 13,000 square-foot work—17 years in the making—builds upon the C-shaped… Read More

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300 game

A few years ago, Vince Kadlubek applied for a marketing job at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, an indie movie theater in downtown Sante Fe resuscitated by “Game of Thrones” creator George R.R. Martin (a Santa Fean since 1979). Shockingly, the interview involved sitting down with… Read More

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Saddle up

If you build it, they will come. Two years ago, Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks did just that: They created a cool space for a cool community to stay overnight—not a particularly novel B&B concept, but perhaps for the location: an unassuming block in Williamsburg,… Read More

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Twist turn

A rusty loop draped across a hillside outside Rotterdam, designed by Dutch firm NEXT Architects. The stairway climbs toward an unhindered view of the horizon and skyline, and then descends upon the tram track taken by commuters. Designed to defy, the installation emulates the Möbius strip, a… Read More

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Ruin redux

A tower rising from detritus. Urban unison restored? A former station in Lille, France has become the latest depot for Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking. “Babel,” his site-specific installation for the Lille 3000: Renaissance festival earlier this year, explores the cycle of ruin within cities—without judgment.… Read More

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Textural possibility

    Steve Powers considers himself a “visual blues artist, a painting troubadour playing his trade worldwide.” Here in Baltimore, MD, most recently in NYC. He began his career in graffiti, working under the tag ESPO, and soon translated his urban epigraphs into large-scale commissions… Read More

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Angel’s wings

  Searching for solace in the concrete sails of Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church in Rome – a Modernist moment for the Vatican, completed in 2003, a beautiful statement for a parish church in an outer borough (that I tried to hoof it too in June).… Read More

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Dune bug

Miami was where the wild things were last weekend, a rumpus idealistically led by the Strandbeests, Theo Jansen’s herd of articulated sculptures. In 1990, Jansen wrote a column for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant proposing a creative antidote to rising sea levels and the potential… Read More