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Lacing life

                                      A glimpse of gossamer in Warsaw, Poland. NeSpoon laces her city in “public jewelry,” delicate webs of spray paint, stencils and string. She beautifies small scenes… Read More

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  Afraid of the dark, I am (spooked myself multiple times last night on a moonless dog walk). Perhaps I’ll cure my phobia (in style) in Québec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, where a temporary nighttime installation finds fairies and flares illuminating a woodlands… Read More

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Connect four

              Twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin imagine a world blanketed in a picnic, a world marked by community contributions and fellowship. This summer, they’re hosting a petite picnic by their standards, palatial by everyone else’s, on a patchwork… Read More

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Urban vertigo

                                  I lied: one more aqua moment, in the high-flying form of a glass-bottomed pooled cantilevered from the roof of Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong. Submerged in the luxury… Read More

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Crystal clear

    The last word on water (for now). Wooden tanks filled with potable water pepper the New York City skyline. Iconic and prolific, the city’s 17,000 water towers stand as symbols of hydro-abundance in America. Silent sentinels, until now. Mary Jordan, a filmmaker/activist/curator, is… Read More

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Pool party

  Another meeting of sand and water (can you tell I’m landlocked?), though this time self-consciously so. Last month, Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia planted Social Pool in the Mojave desert of Southern California, a nod to other land art installations in remote Western regions: Walter… Read More

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Summer stand

                  A bastion of wild amid a tourism-sanitized coastline. Every summer for some 30 years, a cadre from across Europe sets up camp at Piémanson, a beach in the south of France’s Camargue Regional Nature Reserve. More… Read More

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Pit stop

            Yes, this is a gas station. And yes, I’m encouraging you to stop here. Because this isn’t any old fill-up. Modernism master Arne Jacobsen designed this unmanned petrol station just outside his native Copenhagen, a glowing example of his… Read More

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Cloud nine

  Thunderstorms have swept over the mountains every evening this week, streaking the sky in moisture and light, only to dissolve by daylight – an ephemeral squall made material by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. Part smoke-and-mirrors, part alchemy, all art: carefully calibrating the atmospheric conditions… Read More

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              A micro art moment, again in France. In the former industrial town of Saint-Étienne, street artist oakoak transforms infrastructural cracks and quirks into creative vignettes starring blithe superheroes and pop characters. Oakoak describes his art as an effort… Read More