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Eye witness

            Another story at sea, but this one arrives in a state of becoming. A week ago, JR, a French photograffeur and TED Prize winner, installed a new work at the Le Havre port in France. And then it sailed… Read More

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Formidable foe

                A legend linked to a landform: Irish giant Finn McCool seethed with hate for his hulking rival Benandonner (a love-torn giantess may have been the root of their aversion). Finn and Ben (my nickname) shouted insults at… Read More

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Pearls of wisdom

                                      In the 19th century, barges piled high with just-dug oysters would dock along Manhattan and sell their wares to hungry New Yorkers directly from their decks.… Read More

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Plant the flag

                                          A parting thought from this patriotic weekend: an American flag made by Argentine artist Adrián Villar Rojas as part of his Brick Farm series… Read More

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Broad stripes

  An idle walk through Provincetown, MA, some thirty years ago spawned this image of the stars and stripes. Great American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, en route to the parade grounds, stumbled upon an American flag bigger than the house behind it, a larger-than-life expression of… Read More

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Sedimentary dilemma

Caught between a rock and a hard place. Indeed. Norway offers a sandstone manifestation of this dilemma: Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged in a mountain crevasse, hovers above an abyss some 3,300 feet deep (hello rock, hello hard place). A popular tourist destination due to its… Read More

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  March of the pandas: Six years ago, French artist Paulo Grangeon made his first papier-mâché panda, a new species amid his Grenoble store’s stock of baguette-handled knives and swimsuit-clad female torsos. His wife’s twin brother Serge Orru, then head of the World Wildlife Fund… Read More