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Aging gracefully



Jikka, a complex servicing the elderly residents of Shizouka Prefecture, Japan paired with 32 Paradis Sprung Freres’ wrap coat.

A debate distraction: My soft spot for elderly care finds me scouting vanguard approaches. Like this compassionate compound designed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma in Japan’s Shizouka Prefecture. Two women in their 60s—one a social worker, the other a chef—live and work in this cluster of tent-like pavilions: here, they make food for the elderly residents of the village and provide therapeutic care for those with disabilities. Interconnected inside, each pavilion serves a different function: exercise in the spiral pool, cooking in the minimalist kitchen, and dining at round tables. Clad in timber panels, the cones seem at home in their surroundings, a magical addition to the mountainscape. My commune dreams come true.

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