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Beyond boutique

A new bar for chic shelter: French architect-designer Emmanuel Picault (of Chic by Accident) has transformed a 1920s townhouse into three meticulous suites, all within the hip leafiness of Colonia Roma in Mexico City. The intimate experience of La Valise—the brainchild of entrepreneur and globetrotter… Read More

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Snow drift

Waking up to my first snowfall of the season, I retreated under down and dreamed of a deck like this one at Casa Bonay in Barcelona, Spain (thank you Of a Kind for the 10 Things inspiration). A 19th-century home renovated into a boutique hotel,… Read More

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Sharing means

Caring about capsule concepts like this: Airbnb recently revealed a new evolution of its sharing economy. Slated to open this fall, the Yoshino Cedar House is a semi-communal space that nurtures relationships within its walls as well as within the rural Japanese community in which… Read More

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Living archive

  A Neo-Gothic former archive in Cologne reborn as a Bauhaus boutique hotel: Michael Kaune, editor of QVEST Magazine (a publication devoted to “fashion, culture & attitude”), spent two years meticulously renovating the 1897 building, preserving structural elements like the dark-oiled parquet floors and marble… Read More

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Park it

In the mode of summer scheming, a conversation last night introduced the reality that the national parks will likely be teeming with visitors in honor of their 100th anniversary. Surely a birthday to celebrate but also take heed of; ever the more reason to adventure… Read More

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Saddle up

If you build it, they will come. Two years ago, Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks did just that: They created a cool space for a cool community to stay overnight—not a particularly novel B&B concept, but perhaps for the location: an unassuming block in Williamsburg,… Read More

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Kick start

The hotel that Kickstarter (re)built. Owner Greg Hennes crowdfunded $107,000 to revive a rundown 1910 landmark at the base of the snowcapped Wallowa Mountains. Now, the Jennings Hotel boasts three design-rich rooms (and counting), like Room Two, a serene space suffused by loft light, downtown views… Read More

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An anniversary

              A year ago, I started this escapade with an artist map and a jean jumpsuit. So it seems only fitting to mark the first anniversary of Wear + Here with another evocation of creativity and denim (so aptly… Read More

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Living large

Size matters: Tiny rules. A statement writ large by my stay in this decidedly small Airbnb in East Austin. By design, this 96 ft2 roost perfectly suits its surrounds – a city backyard populated by agave plants, string lights and two smiley dogs, Muddy Waters… Read More

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Go easy

                A place to be. With a trio of oddly awesome accoutrements: an Acapulco chair as cradle, a vintage punching bag as outlet, a cow skull as witness. I’d go easy, in a romper, and let myself drift… Read More