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Water under

  More than 7,000 people attended the Aug. 22 opening of Olafur Eliasson’s Cirkelbroen Bridge last week in Copenhagen, an instant tribute to the stunning work of civic art. Crossing a canal in the Christianshavn neighborhood, the design channels Eliasson’s childhood memories of hop-skipping between… Read More

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Pit stop

            Yes, this is a gas station. And yes, I’m encouraging you to stop here. Because this isn’t any old fill-up. Modernism master Arne Jacobsen designed this unmanned petrol station just outside his native Copenhagen, a glowing example of his… Read More

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Palette park

              Welcome to Superkilen, a Copenhagen park defined by color: The Red Square for the modern urbanite keen on cafes, music and sports; the Black Market, classical with a fountain and benches; the Green Park, site of picnics, dog… Read More