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Common thread

My Mexico travelogue begins with an installation by an artist ruminating on his Mexican roots (thanks for the tip, Persephone Bakery). Originally from Mexico City, Gabriel Dawe explores textiles as an interface between notions of architecture, fashion, and identity. By stringing prismatic veils from unexpected… Read More

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Pop property

A firehouse with many lives—including an illustrious turn as Andy Warhol’s first NYC studio—hit the market this week for a cool $9.975 million. According to the listing, the 5,000-square-foot space entices developer buyers as a “a blank canvas to create boutique condominiums, mixed use rental, luxury… Read More

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Bold as brass

The world mourns the untimely passing of Dame Zaha Hadid, the iconic architect whose designs live on in all corners of the globe. Born in Baghdad in 1950, Hadid studied mathematics at the American University of Beirut before diving into architecture in London. Through her firm,… Read More

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Twist turn

A rusty loop draped across a hillside outside Rotterdam, designed by Dutch firm NEXT Architects. The stairway climbs toward an unhindered view of the horizon and skyline, and then descends upon the tram track taken by commuters. Designed to defy, the installation emulates the Möbius strip, a… Read More

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Ruin redux

A tower rising from detritus. Urban unison restored? A former station in Lille, France has become the latest depot for Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking. “Babel,” his site-specific installation for the Lille 3000: Renaissance festival earlier this year, explores the cycle of ruin within cities—without judgment.… Read More

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A Gateway

A Spanish explorer, standing on the edge of the vast badlands of northeastern Arizona, saw a landscape painted with the colors of the sunset (hence its enduring name The Painted Desert). But even a surrealist wouldn’t imagine this trippy expanse– striped and bumped and sprinkled… Read More

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Hardly Hirstrionics

On a quiet block in south London, a legacy of industrious creativity stretches back to the Victorian era. A theater scenographer worked here, painting theatre sets. As did a flower wheelbarrow maker. And most recently, artist Damien Hirst. But as of Thursday, Hirst has reopened… Read More

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Beautiful mind

An undulating façade as colorfully complicated as the mind itself. A surprise to find such inspiration amid the noise and neon. The Frank Gehry-designed Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in downtown Las Vegas supports patients with memory and movement disorders and their… Read More

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Angel’s wings

  Searching for solace in the concrete sails of Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church in Rome – a Modernist moment for the Vatican, completed in 2003, a beautiful statement for a parish church in an outer borough (that I tried to hoof it too in June).… Read More

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Living large

Size matters: Tiny rules. A statement writ large by my stay in this decidedly small Airbnb in East Austin. By design, this 96 ft2 roost perfectly suits its surrounds – a city backyard populated by agave plants, string lights and two smiley dogs, Muddy Waters… Read More