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Pop property

A firehouse with many lives—including an illustrious turn as Andy Warhol’s first NYC studio—hit the market this week for a cool $9.975 million. According to the listing, the 5,000-square-foot space entices developer buyers as a “a blank canvas to create boutique condominiums, mixed use rental, luxury… Read More

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300 game

A few years ago, Vince Kadlubek applied for a marketing job at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, an indie movie theater in downtown Sante Fe resuscitated by “Game of Thrones” creator George R.R. Martin (a Santa Fean since 1979). Shockingly, the interview involved sitting down with… Read More

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Park it

In the mode of summer scheming, a conversation last night introduced the reality that the national parks will likely be teeming with visitors in honor of their 100th anniversary. Surely a birthday to celebrate but also take heed of; ever the more reason to adventure… Read More

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Cubano curiosity

As I live vicariously through the First Family, I imagine stopping by one of my favorite art sites in the world: Taller Experimental de Gráfica, a print shop and gallery in Habana Vieja that has been nurturing graphic artists for more than half a century.… Read More

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Sea the light

Well done, SeaWorld. A necessary sea change. No longer black(fish)listed from my FL itinerary. Without a critical mass of informed and energized people, humanity will never make the difficult decisions that are necessary to halt and reverse the exploitation of wild places and the extinction… Read More

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Ashes to dust

Date stamp: 1977. The Cold War raged on. Nuclear war felt like a real possibility. Unemployment was skyrocketing. The planet seemed to be dying. Amid the gloom, British sculptor David Nash offered a gesture toward a brighter 21st century: He planted a ring of 22 ash… Read More

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Bright façade

Impossible to ignore: 14,000 life vests, collected from refuges fleeing from Turkey, wrapped the columns at the Konzerthaus concert hall in Berlin. Ai Weiwei created the temporary installation last month for the Cinema for Peace gala, for which he served as the honorary jury president.… Read More

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Blooms buried

A year ago, florist Lisa Waud bought an abandoned duplex in Detroit for $250. Condemned and crumbling, the house bucked redemption: shingles peeling like scabs, bottle shards tiling the floor, leaks striping the walls, trash towering knee-high, a dead dog buried in the rubble. And… Read More

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Water under

  More than 7,000 people attended the Aug. 22 opening of Olafur Eliasson’s Cirkelbroen Bridge last week in Copenhagen, an instant tribute to the stunning work of civic art. Crossing a canal in the Christianshavn neighborhood, the design channels Eliasson’s childhood memories of hop-skipping between… Read More

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Beautiful mind

An undulating façade as colorfully complicated as the mind itself. A surprise to find such inspiration amid the noise and neon. The Frank Gehry-designed Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in downtown Las Vegas supports patients with memory and movement disorders and their… Read More