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High camp

Dunton River Camp outside Dolores, CO.

Dunton River Camp outside Dolores, CO.


Pendleton Little Crane Pullover.






Saturday daydreaming takes me on a glam romp in the wilderness. Across the mountain from Telluride, deep in the San Juans, sits an old mining town romantically restored as Dunton Hot Springs Resort. Immaculate cabins speckle the breathtaking alpine valley, and now too a cluster of canvas tents. The luxe campsite, located four miles downriver from Dunton, offers guests the ultimate in glamping: a 640 sq. ft. tent with a gas stove, ensuite bathroom and private porch, plus access to a riverside sauna, three nearby hot springs and a firepit. After exploring the surrounding trails all day – each tent comes with a pair of mountain bikes – I would return to my canvas den, change into this Pendleton sweater, and savor the sunset from a lounger. A serene weekend.

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