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Ashes to dust

Date stamp: 1977. The Cold War raged on. Nuclear war felt like a real possibility. Unemployment was skyrocketing. The planet seemed to be dying. Amid the gloom, British sculptor David Nash offered a gesture toward a brighter 21st century: He planted a ring of 22 ash… Read More

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Big eyes

Returning to the tangled woods of Laguna Gloria where, like Little Red Riding Hood (cue the stranger in a red coat), I came upon this brand-new commission by Seattle-based sculptor John Grade. From afar, a funnel befitting its forest surroundings, enchanting the eye. From within,… Read More

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Nailed it

  John Bisbee found his art form by literally kicking the bucket. Then a college student, disillusioned by the ceramic, glass and “really bad found-object sculptures” he was creating, Bisbee turned to scavenging for materials in an abandoned house. Wandering around, he bumped a pail… Read More

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Bright idea

This is not a love song. This is not a romanticization, nor is it a celebration. This is, instead, a reenactment of sorts, a restaging of aesthetic ambiguity where one sculpture frames another. In the 1950s, French sculptor André Bloc designed a habitable brick sculpture,… Read More

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Everything but

                    A chartreuse simulacrum of a bathroom. And a bedroom and a staircase. For years, Korean artist Do Ho Suh has been sculpting every aspect of his NYC apartment and studio (a former sailors’ dorm in… Read More

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Tall order

                A monumental mirage began with a memory. The former Emir of Qatar shared a childhood snapshot with sculptor Richard Serra – of antelope gathering on a gypsum plateau in the western Qatari desert. During the year Serra… Read More