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On ice

Usually at this time of (new) year, the escapist in me hightails it south to sun and sand. As per my resolutions, I’m trying to embrace my wintry reality by imagining myself at this chic shelter atop a frozen confluence in Winnipeg, Canada. More than… Read More

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See Jane

  The chapel of a former military hospital now hosts the newest gastronomic adventure in Antwerp, Belgium. At The Jane, beneath the crumbling barrel ceiling and Sputnik-style chandelier, Michelin-starred chefs Sergio Herman and Nick Brill plate ambitious fare. “Food is our religion,” proselytizes the website.… Read More

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River dance

                  A return to relaxed French mores but this time to a site suited to the Impressionism of summer Saturdays – saturated by sun, softened by leisure, vivid with laughter. Generations of Parisians have escaped the city… Read More

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Bungalow bound

              Before I bid farewell to wine for one week, I wanted to indulge by exploring Ensenada, the wine country of Baja Mexico, conveniently located 90 minutes away from the San Diego airport. Overlooking the vine-rich Valle de Guadalupe,… Read More

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Asado Arcadia

            Rolling the grill out of the garage yesterday fired me up for the charbroiled parade of summer. With meat on my mind, I sought out an exotic outlet for my carnivorous cravings and found this Arcadian jewel in the… Read More

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Headstrong history

Seven Park Place at St. James's Hotel and Club in London.

Seven Park Place at St. James’s Hotel and Club in London.

Cedric Charlier Crinkled Wide Leg Pant in Jaune.

Cedric Charlier Crinkled Wide Leg Pant in Jaune.








I was named after Katharine Hepburn, a fiery legacy I’ve gladly embraced my whole life. But today, I came across a quote that deepened my sense of the star, widely considered to be the greatest female actor in Hollywood history. In the quotation, Lauren Bacall paints a portrait of her friend layering vulnerability and devotion atop the headstrong hue so widely depicted.

“There was always vivid Kate carrying her broken full length mirror to the set every day in Africa – Kate in tears at the death of friend Fanny Brice – Kate eating peaches out of a can in Africa – cooking for Spence – sitting at his feet keeping his coffee hot while hanging on his every word – Kate holding a small bouquet of flowers my first day home from the hospital with her godson, Sam. Kate was a doer – a worker – a riser above all things – exasperating – intimidating – loyal – funny – loving – sentimental – proud – passionate in her likes and dislikes – a lover of beauty – nature – she was all those things and even more.”

So in honor of Hepburn, I present a vignette inspired by her transcendent spirit: daffodil yellow, menswear-inspired-but-oh-so-feminine crinkled crepe pants worn (in my imagination) inside Seven Park Place, a Michelin-starred restaurant by famed chef William Drabble within St. James’s, a former men’s club now boutique hotel in London. A historically exclusionary space reborn in style, fit for a sparkling feminist.