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Starry night

              A Sunday in sweatpants could take a glamorous turn with a nighttime ride along this shimmering bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands in these twins-in-shimmer track pants. Vanguard Dutch design lab Studio Roosegaarde applied its “techno-poetry” approach to a… Read More

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They might be giants

Go big or go home only partially applies to Os Gêmeos. Because even at home in Brazil, nay especially in São Paulo, the trailblazing twins go gigantic in their art, literally: Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo have populated walls around the world with yellow-faced giants, a… Read More

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Material world

                                  A pair of surprises: a celebrated spire made out of cardboard not stone, and a casual slide sheathed in springbox hide. Both surprising in their use of material.… Read More