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Palimpsest souls

                A family gazes at the Statue of Liberty, a goal within grasp. Seven children, heads wrapped in cloth, arrive with scalp disease. A group of men receive “psychopathic” diagnoses. Deemed unfit for entry into the United States,… Read More

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Pearls of wisdom

                                      In the 19th century, barges piled high with just-dug oysters would dock along Manhattan and sell their wares to hungry New Yorkers directly from their decks.… Read More

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Plant the flag

                                          A parting thought from this patriotic weekend: an American flag made by Argentine artist Adrián Villar Rojas as part of his Brick Farm series… Read More

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Play me

              A grand piano is beached on the Manhattan shore of the East River beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, lodged in sand, submerged at high tide. New Yorkers are perplexed: not part of a previous art installation, the piano appeared… Read More

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Friday fuse

                Fridays, as a freelancer, feel less distinct than they once did. As home and office blur, with only a canine colleague, waylaid by magazines. Work-a-day dissolves into dusk; lights flicker on, keyboard clatter continues. Craving a catalyst,… Read More

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Pop-up escapade

                  I’m having an Eloise moment (as part of my NYC state of mind), but rather than reside at the Plaza, I want to playfully crash the Coral & Tusk pop-up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On a… Read More

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Ivy tower

  Simultaneously transparent and reflective (I can aspire to that). Or, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s description: “part garden maze, part modernist skyscraper façade” (I’m lingering in NYC). As the Met’s new Roof Garden Commission,Hedge Two-Way Mirror Walkabout by American artist Dan Graham… Read More

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Frieze frame

            In May 1971, a travel brochure circulated around the creative set of Los Angeles. In typeface borrowed from a Chinese takeout menu, the leaflet promised “the finest accommodations at the most reasonable rates” in Hollywood. Al’s Grand Hotel was… Read More