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Busy as

A monumental steel beehive, planted deep inside London’s Royal Botanical Gardens, animates with the activity of a nearby natural nest: Glowing LED panels vary intensity according to the bees’ busyness, as does an accompanying soundtrack by Be—a dream team including Jason Pierce of Spiritualized and… Read More

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Hardly Hirstrionics

On a quiet block in south London, a legacy of industrious creativity stretches back to the Victorian era. A theater scenographer worked here, painting theatre sets. As did a flower wheelbarrow maker. And most recently, artist Damien Hirst. But as of Thursday, Hirst has reopened… Read More

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Space kaleidoscope

                    Mind-bending is one thing. Space-bending is quite another. A new immersive, kinetic installation achieves both at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Multi-disciplinary designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby devised a pair of revolving,… Read More

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Headstrong history

Seven Park Place at St. James's Hotel and Club in London.

Seven Park Place at St. James’s Hotel and Club in London.

Cedric Charlier Crinkled Wide Leg Pant in Jaune.

Cedric Charlier Crinkled Wide Leg Pant in Jaune.








I was named after Katharine Hepburn, a fiery legacy I’ve gladly embraced my whole life. But today, I came across a quote that deepened my sense of the star, widely considered to be the greatest female actor in Hollywood history. In the quotation, Lauren Bacall paints a portrait of her friend layering vulnerability and devotion atop the headstrong hue so widely depicted.

“There was always vivid Kate carrying her broken full length mirror to the set every day in Africa – Kate in tears at the death of friend Fanny Brice – Kate eating peaches out of a can in Africa – cooking for Spence – sitting at his feet keeping his coffee hot while hanging on his every word – Kate holding a small bouquet of flowers my first day home from the hospital with her godson, Sam. Kate was a doer – a worker – a riser above all things – exasperating – intimidating – loyal – funny – loving – sentimental – proud – passionate in her likes and dislikes – a lover of beauty – nature – she was all those things and even more.”

So in honor of Hepburn, I present a vignette inspired by her transcendent spirit: daffodil yellow, menswear-inspired-but-oh-so-feminine crinkled crepe pants worn (in my imagination) inside Seven Park Place, a Michelin-starred restaurant by famed chef William Drabble within St. James’s, a former men’s club now boutique hotel in London. A historically exclusionary space reborn in style, fit for a sparkling feminist.