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Happy birthday

                  To me. Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday in a wonderland with a wonderful friend. A West Texas mirage made real in the details: the art film, immaculate and tragic; the flawless bookstore with tabletop stacks; the… Read More

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Nailed it

  John Bisbee found his art form by literally kicking the bucket. Then a college student, disillusioned by the ceramic, glass and “really bad found-object sculptures” he was creating, Bisbee turned to scavenging for materials in an abandoned house. Wandering around, he bumped a pail… Read More

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Pit stop

            Yes, this is a gas station. And yes, I’m encouraging you to stop here. Because this isn’t any old fill-up. Modernism master Arne Jacobsen designed this unmanned petrol station just outside his native Copenhagen, a glowing example of his… Read More