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Kick start

The hotel that Kickstarter (re)built. Owner Greg Hennes crowdfunded $107,000 to revive a rundown 1910 landmark at the base of the snowcapped Wallowa Mountains. Now, the Jennings Hotel boasts three design-rich rooms (and counting), like Room Two, a serene space suffused by loft light, downtown views… Read More

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Fountain bed

                  A ménage à trois, by design. Channeling the spontaneity of a prank, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi plunks hotel rooms atop public art and architecture, remaking city landmarks like the waterfront Market Square in Helsinki, Finland. Until… Read More

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Urban vertigo

                                  I lied: one more aqua moment, in the high-flying form of a glass-bottomed pooled cantilevered from the roof of Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong. Submerged in the luxury… Read More

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Sink or swim

  This is where the bikini made its debut in 1946. For decades, this is where Paris has gone to loosen up (its swimsuit strings). This is the ultimate pool party. Modeled after an ocean liner, Piscine Molitor opened as a public swimming pool in… Read More

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Frieze frame

            In May 1971, a travel brochure circulated around the creative set of Los Angeles. In typeface borrowed from a Chinese takeout menu, the leaflet promised “the finest accommodations at the most reasonable rates” in Hollywood. Al’s Grand Hotel was… Read More

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Cubist roost

              Earth Day calls for an eco-minded pairing. No place better fits the bill than Treehotel, an enchanted forest of five treehouses suspended in the conifers of northern Sweden. Inspired by the documentary “The Tree Lover,” Treehotel assuages the… Read More

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Witty abode

            You had me at bathtub. Abode, the first boutique hotel in Mumbai, India,  boasts 20 airy rooms dressed in an eclectic design mix, from art deco-inspired custom tile floors to bedside tables repurposed from roadside chaat stands and vintage… Read More

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Magical Márquez

  His was a voice at once, “classical and familiar, opalescent and pure, able to praise and curse, laugh and cry, fabulate and sing and when called upon, take off and soar…” This is how Thomas Pynchon described Gabriel Garcia Márquez in his 1988 review… Read More

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Austin soul

            Who knew SOUL was a partial anagram of LOUISANA? Neon designer/artist Evan Voyles deconstructed an old highway sign announcing the southern state, reimagining the letters as the SOUL that shines above the pool at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in… Read More

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Viejo vision

            Not long ago, centuries-old Casco Viejo was a crumbling patch of Panama City. A stucco palace of luxury apartments, built in 1917, had been taken over by five drug gangs, each occupying a floor. After UNESCO deemed Casco Viejo… Read More