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Ruin redux

A tower rising from detritus. Urban unison restored? A former station in Lille, France has become the latest depot for Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking. “Babel,” his site-specific installation for the Lille 3000: Renaissance festival earlier this year, explores the cycle of ruin within cities—without judgment.… Read More

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Effects loop

Summer in rural America, a wish-you-were-here postcard framing a county fair. My recent foray reintroduced rollercoasters into my life. And now this, a same-same-but-different scene of gravity (and culture) defiance from France: “Stellar,” a public art piece by Baptiste Debombourg in Nantes. The sculpture, part of… Read More

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Big love

                  A different lens on love: too big to be contained, frothing from notions of domesticity and security. Delicate white balloons spill from a suburban home somewhere/anywhere, a scene staged by French photographer Charles Pétillon as part… Read More

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Material world

                                  A pair of surprises: a celebrated spire made out of cardboard not stone, and a casual slide sheathed in springbox hide. Both surprising in their use of material.… Read More

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Summer stand

                  A bastion of wild amid a tourism-sanitized coastline. Every summer for some 30 years, a cadre from across Europe sets up camp at Piémanson, a beach in the south of France’s Camargue Regional Nature Reserve. More… Read More

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              A micro art moment, again in France. In the former industrial town of Saint-Étienne, street artist oakoak transforms infrastructural cracks and quirks into creative vignettes starring blithe superheroes and pop characters. Oakoak describes his art as an effort… Read More

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Eye witness

            Another story at sea, but this one arrives in a state of becoming. A week ago, JR, a French photograffeur and TED Prize winner, installed a new work at the Le Havre port in France. And then it sailed… Read More

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Sink or swim

  This is where the bikini made its debut in 1946. For decades, this is where Paris has gone to loosen up (its swimsuit strings). This is the ultimate pool party. Modeled after an ocean liner, Piscine Molitor opened as a public swimming pool in… Read More