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Sitting duck

  Two days ago, a six-story rubber duck sailed into the Port of Los Angeles, cruising by battleships, container cranes, and cheering spectators. Ever punctual, the duck arrived in time for the triennial Tall Ships Festival LA. Designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, the duck… Read More

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Pool party

  Another meeting of sand and water (can you tell I’m landlocked?), though this time self-consciously so. Last month, Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia planted Social Pool in the Mojave desert of Southern California, a nod to other land art installations in remote Western regions: Walter… Read More

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Pair of hearts

                                    In honor of my dad: the land he loves with its signature heart-shaped oak grove and the sculptural ring he gave me for my high school graduation.… Read More

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Full circle

              On the seventh day in South L.A., the faithful now flock to a resurrected architectural relic. Modernist maverick Rudolph Schindler designed the Bethlehem Baptist Church – his only church – for a black congregation in 1944, “the lone… Read More

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Concrete cove

  Surprising. Sexy. Fearless. Joyous. Timeless. These are the words director Murray Grigor used to describe the quintessential California architect John Lautner in his documentary, “Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner” (2008). Over the course of his half-century career, Lautner created modernist poetry in… Read More

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Map quest

                  Three years ago, Foster Huntington quit his job in New York City, bought a Volkswagen Vanagon, and hit the road. Eighty thousand miles on (and counting), he published a Kickstarter-funded photography journal, “Home Is Where You… Read More

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Lucid illusion

                Log cabins and cowboy hats are part of the visual vernacular in Wyoming, my interest in them diluted by their ubiquity. This Joshua Tree installation arrests my ambivalence: Phillip K. Smith III modified a 70-year-old cabin with… Read More

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Weekend wilderness

            In plotting my return to urban life, I’m scouting escape routes: accessible adventures doable over weekends. Steep Revine Cabins belie their proximity to the Bay Area – only an hour’s drive north – by offering seaside seclusion in Mount… Read More

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Mountain memorial

In college, I wrote my senior thesis – a collection of interrelated short stories – on self-taught/outsider/naïve artists (all those slashes attest to this spectral category of creativity). Such artists share an irrepressible drive to visually express themselves, an instinct epitomized by Leonard Knight. A… Read More

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Desert transition

  After hermitting most of the winter, I look for ways to transition outward, away from quiet living into the more boisterous vibe of summer. This Dome in the Desert seems like the perfect launch pad for a mellow/loud hybrid, for exploring by day and… Read More