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Good egg

  My spirit restaurant: Elizabeth Street Café in Austin, a mashup of French patisserie and Vietnamese phở shop, the perfect place (and palette) for reminiscing on Easter. I retreated here to drown my cold in noodle soup, and found myself revived by so much more:… Read More

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Big eyes

Returning to the tangled woods of Laguna Gloria where, like Little Red Riding Hood (cue the stranger in a red coat), I came upon this brand-new commission by Seattle-based sculptor John Grade. From afar, a funnel befitting its forest surroundings, enchanting the eye. From within,… Read More

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Casting wide

        Though I missed his diaphanous rooms, I did see Do Hu Suh’s Net-Work at Laguna Gloria, the Contemporary Austin’s magical sculpture garden. It was a fickle morning with sun and clouds vying for attention (and the outcome of this convertible shell).… Read More

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Living large

Size matters: Tiny rules. A statement writ large by my stay in this decidedly small Airbnb in East Austin. By design, this 96 ft2 roost perfectly suits its surrounds – a city backyard populated by agave plants, string lights and two smiley dogs, Muddy Waters… Read More

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Fringe benefits

  Waller Creek, the largest urban stream in the country, snakes from the northern part of Austin southward, through the University of Texas campus, along downtown, before emptying into Lady Bird Lake. With a new conservancy set up in its honor, Waller Creek is getting… Read More

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Austin soul

            Who knew SOUL was a partial anagram of LOUISANA? Neon designer/artist Evan Voyles deconstructed an old highway sign announcing the southern state, reimagining the letters as the SOUL that shines above the pool at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in… Read More